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The field of mitochondrial dynamics has had a profound impact throughout the areas of biomedical research. To keep up with the rapid pace of discovery, we have organized a meeting that brings together the top scientists from around the world working on both the fundamental aspects of mitochondrial dynamics, and the function of mitochondrial plasticity in multiple disease processes. Set in an intimate environment in beautiful Sardinia, Italy, there will be plenty of opportunity for trainees to engage their peers during poster sessions and social events. So join us for an exciting and intense gathering of cutting-edge research into mitochondrial dynamics as we move from mechanism to disease.

Heidi McBride email and Luca Scorrano email
Meeting organisers


Scientific Sessions

Confirmed speakers

David Andrews
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
David Chan
Pasadena, CA, USA
Zhijian (James) Chen
Dallas, TX, USA
Alessandra d'Azzo
Memphis, TN, USA
Nika Danial
Boston, MA, USA
Fabio Di Lisa
Padua, Italy
Gerald Dorn
St. Louis, MO, USA
Jose Carlos Fernandez-Checa
Barcelona, Spain
Olaf Gross
Lausanne, Switzerland
Gyorgy Hajnóczky
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Derek Hausenloy
London, UK
Alexis Jourdain
Geneva, Switzerland
Josef Kittler
London, UK
Carla Koehler
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Takumi Koshiba
Fukuoka, Japan
Thomas Langer
Cologne, Germany
Katsuyoshi Mihara
Fukuoka, Japan
Jodi Nunnari
Davis, CA, USA

Koji Okamoto
Okazaki, Japan
Leo Pallanck
Seattle, WA, USA
Andreas Reichert
Frankfurt, Germany
Rosario Rizzuto
Padua, Italy
Jared Rutter
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Michael Ryan
Melbourne, Australia
Gottfried Schatz
Basel, Switzerland
Thomas Schwarz
Boston, MA, USA
Janet Shaw
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Orian Shirihai
Boston, MA, USA
Gordon Shore
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Eric Shoubridge
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Thomas Simmen
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Ruth Slack
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Anu Suomalainen-Wartiovaara
Helsinki, Finland
Alexander van der Bliek
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Richard Youle
Bethesda, MD, USA
Massimo Zeviani
Milan, Italy
Antonio Zorzano
Barcelona, Spain

Organising secretariat

Azuleon .:meetings:. email


Breaking News

[02 Sep 2011]
The schedule of courtesy buses between Cagliari airport and the meeting venue on 11 September is now available on the Venue page—check the bottom of the page... See you soon!

[31 Aug 2011]
This meeting has been accredited for 2 days of continuing education for animal experimentators and supervisors of animal research by the Swiss ASCV. Participants interested in this certification should contact the organisers ASAP.

[31 Aug 2011]
The schedule of courtesy buses between Cagliari airport and the meeting venue will be published on the Venue page next Friday afternoon.

There will also be courtesy buses for the departure on the 15th; the schedule will be posted as soon as defined.


Important dates

  • Applications open
    1 March 2011
  • Notification of selections
    10 July 2011


  • Applications
    30 June 2011

Organising Committee

Heidi McBride (Chair)


Luca Scorrano (Co-Chair)


Jodi Nunnari


Luca Pellegrini


Anu Suomalainen-Wartiovaara


Richard Youle