The meeting will be held in the Chia Laguna Resort, Sardinia, Italy:

Viale Belvedere
Località Chia
09010 Domus de Maria - Cagliari

Specifically, the scientific sessions will be held at the "Torre" Hotel, where most of the participants will be lodged. Some participants will be staying at the "Village" Hotel also; check you personal myMito2011 page for more information!

Chia Laguna
Chia Laguna
Chia Laguna


The Chia Laguna Resort is the ideal location to mix business with pleasure, technology and atmosphere. Every kind of meeting, event, show, company incentive group, national and international product launch finds hospitality here, where the stimulating environment seems to create that necessary team spirit. The Resort can supply custom-made venues with the latest equipment, a team of professionals, personalized service before and after the congress, theme evenings incentive programs and Team Building – all with nature at just an arm's length away.

Chia Laguna








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Getting there...

Flying into Cagliari

Caglari is the airport of choice to reach Chia Laguna. A full list of airlines that fly into this airport is available on this page, in the airport's website.


The cheapest way to get from Cagliari airport to Chia Laguna (the congress resort)—and back—is by bus. There is a bus that runs between the airport and Cagliari's central bus terminal, and another that runs from the same bus terminal to Chia Laguna. Information is available from the bus company's website (unfortunately, last time we checked, the site was only in Italian). You should count on something like 75-90 minutes in terms of travel time.

Taxi or car service

A taxi between the airport and Chia Laguna (the distance is about 60 km) is relatively expensive. The best offer we are aware of can found here (we have no contact with this company and it is just the best offer that we found online when we ran a search recently; if you are aware of a cheaper alternative, please let it be known and we'll gladly publish it here for the benefit of all the participants).

The organisation will try to secure a taxi service at reduced rates for meeting participants. Please check this page for news...

Courtesy bus service offered by the organisation

The organisation will offer a courtesy bus service between Cagliari airport and Chia Laguna on 11 September—time(s) to be announced, dependent on information received from participants regarding their incoming flights. A similar courtesy bus will be available on 15 September. The organisation will do its best to take into account the majority of participants' requirements; please note, however, that these are courtesy services and that the organisation cannot offer individual solutions.

NEW: All participants are kindly requested to access their personal myMito2011 page and provide arrival and departure data (this will enable the organisers to better arrange the bus schedules).

Bus transfers from Cagliari airport to Chia Laguna, 11 September

The buses indicated below have different capacities and have been assigned based on the travel information received. If you have not sent the organisers this information, you are not entitled to use these buses. If in doubt, please check your myMito2011 page.

Participants who arrive before the 11th and have asked for a courtesy bus from the airport on the 11th, will receive an e-mail with the bus assigned to them.


Bus transfers from Chia Laguna to Cagliari airport, 15 September

The schedule for these buses will be available later.



Important dates

  • Applications open
    1 March 2011
  • Notification of selections
    10 July 2011


  • Applications
    30 June 2011

Organising Committee

Heidi McBride (Chair)


Luca Scorrano (Co-Chair)


Jodi Nunnari


Luca Pellegrini


Anu Suomalainen-Wartiovaara


Richard Youle